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    I hope this leads to Rev. Slick teaching Cameron how to bowl and turn someone over to pin them.
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    If the past is any indication, they'll have Ambrose insult the troops and give him Lana as a manager.Lana managing Ambrose wouldn't end up with Ambrose turning on his country. Lana would become so enthralled with Dean's meat that she shaves her hair into a mohawk, loses the lawyer porn outfit, and starts wearing a leather jacket with the anarchy symbol on the back. Then, we'd get vignettes of Dean and Lana sitting in parking lots huffing computer duster; listening to the likes of the Misfits, Black Flag, and Bad Brains.
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    I'm more outraged at the bullshit that some of you guys are coming up with to be "offended" by. calling someone a monkey = racist. R-Truth being a fake Dolph = racist. JBL being a rich white guy saying ANYTHING about a black person, well, obviously that = racist.
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    I don't think early 80's hardcore is sleazy enough for Dean Ambrose. He should be listening 70's NY heroin punk like Johnny Thunders and Richard Hell. Really he should pull a CM Punk and get Vince to pay for "Sonic Reducer" for his theme music...
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    I love the location there. I envision Sasuke screaming at the bus driver to pull over and telling everyone to get their gear on, it's company photo time.
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    Just photoshop Hogan's head onto Savage, so it looks like Hogan is posing with his waxwork. But also shop a world title belt onto the real Hulkster. And have waxwork Hulkster holding a bass guitar. EDIT: Brother. Here you go, brother.
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    I don't know whether to shit or ban the fuck out of some of you people.
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    The best is that after the interception, Armbrister specifically seeks that guy out and nails him https://vine.co/u/985056036027551744
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    Nash is one of those guys who my mind tells me I should not like because he's lazy and manipulative and he helped sink WCW with shit booking but dammit, I can't help but think the guy is hilarious.
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    So if NJPW cared whether he jobbed or not, they'd tell him "don't job." So they must not care. Nice goal post moving, since I never said NJPW didn't care if he jobbed. Which they most likely did, which is why he doesn't. You made an argument that NJPW doesn't pay AJ enough to not work indies . That's absolutly not true. Styles is on record saying that NJPW pays him base about what he was making in TNA before they lowballed him on the renewal. He gets the bonus of only needing to pay his parking at Atlanta International and his plane tickets from Atlanta to Tokyo and back, since NJPW pays and provides all Travel, Hotel, and Food while workers are on tour. So he ends up clearing more than he ever did with TNA. He gets the bonus of working Indy dates if he chooses while NJPW is not on tour. The only cavaet is that while he's their champ, he doesn't job. Considering that he was a part of ROH and NJPW's new working arrangement, and that NJPW/ROH joint show sold out the Hammerstein for ROH for the first time since Gabe got fired, and did it in 5 minutes, they outdrew TNA at MCU Park, ROH guys have gotten NJPW paydays, like Bennett and Young at NJPW's equivilent of SummerSlam, and ROH has pulled off something Gabe never could, and that's get the top singles champ of a top Japanese promotion booked regularalry on their shows, I highly doubt that Delerious and Sinclair are crying about how hamstrung they are that they can't put someone over Styles while he's the focal point of NJPW's top angle heading into their WrestleMania. That's the argument I'm destroying. But by all means, bring in more strawmen to keep bitching that you're hurt that Styles didn't do a clean job at BOLA.
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    Er, calling a Samoan man a dumb monkey, right down to acting like an ape for effect, is absolutely racist. Even the most ignorant crusty old white southerner would probably recognize that by now. Not sure why WWE can't and why you think people are overreacting by calling it what it was.
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    Dear Rutgers: Sincerly, Everyone who's not Penn State.
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    The "flex" capacitor.... Sorry.
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    Big Van Vader being adorable: https://twitter.com/itsvadertime/status/512024433028907008
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    And one of the reasons it was must see tv was every segment had a story. I didn't want to miss the next way Jericho was going to put it to who ever. Now it's two guys wrestling for some reason that even the announcers don't know cause there to busy talking about Cena and the network
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    I don't know whether to shit or wind my watch.
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    My only working system ATM is my PS4 and I'm jonesing bad for a wrestling game.
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    Giant Machine. Duh.
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    I think the problem with many female characters is that they're usually playing the "wife of the anti-hero" role (Betty Draper, Margaret Thompson, Skylar White) and there's just not that many places to go with someone like that. She nags the guy about his misdeeds, she comes off as a shrew and the fans hate her. She refuses to leave him because she likes the cash he brings in, she's a hypocrite and the fans hate her. IMO, Carmela Soprano was the only time they ever did that character right.
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    My god. That's perfect. I feel like Tommy would be the only person in the world who would truly understand Vince and vice versa.
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    Isn't that the guy who made "The Room?"
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    For fuck's sake, the lyrics to Sonic Reducer are "I don't need anyone, Don't need no mom and dad, Don't need no pretty face, Don't need no human race, I got some news for you, Don't even need you too!" That is the perfect theme music for Ambrose. COME ON WWE! DO IT FOR US!
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    There are no heists. We on the XBox side just get together to do missions (which are kinda like heists, I guess), races, deathmatches (shooting each other) and whatnot. We used to do a lot of plane races until I kept dominating them and winning every time. You're on PS3, right? Does someone from the PS3 side of things have to send him an invite?
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    Add the words "Dairy Queen" before "parking lot" and you're getting there.
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    This now has to happen. Cameron repeatedly trying to pin people on their stomachs. I'd also be okay with her painting stars on her stomach. Probably best to leave Kim Chee and the spear and shield out of it, though.
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    Radisson has pulled sponsorship from the Minnesota Vikings.
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    In an alternate universe Bayley is the conquering hero and Lana brings in monster after monster like Aja Kong or Bull Nakano to try and destroy her.
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    Good thing he didn't get busted for pot.
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    With the authority losing control of things Vince brings in the only sonabitch who can control these people *glass shatters*
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    Did anyone happen to read the Grantland article on TNA? I know it's Grantland, but some quotes in there from Russo and Carter are pretty hilarious.
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    The moment the show opened to Heyman standing in the ring and a dead crowd I knew this was going to be a long night. There is nothing I like on the show right now. I even get annoyed when the Usos are wearing t-shirts during their matches now. It's bad. And I know WWE thinks I'm the kind of person who is going to watch anyway but I haven't been watching. I fast forwarded through the whole show with the exception of the Brock/Cena interaction I'd rather be watching the network. Last night the ppv of choice was Bad Blood 2003. It occurred to me that the Dudleys were more over than today's entire roster. It's bad.
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    This week's DC mega sale on Comixology is Gotham Central. Any questions?
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    Wait. So a week before their PPV they have a Mark Henry be the first guy to break Rusev's unbreakable hold...on Raw, not even in a match...by a guy who's going to lose to Rusev anyway. And they have Roman Reigns cleanly and decisively beat the guy he's having a one-on-one match against...so we'll all be excited about them wrestling in six days in order to prove....what exactly? Fuck that. I like Henry, but I hate that he was reduced to a school child's wide-eyed stammering about his country. Dude talks better shit than almost anyone and I was excited to see what he'd do...but nope...the Patriot angle is the pathway to blandness.
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