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  2. BRB gonna play the main story of Final Fantasy 14 Online from beginning until Shadowbringers
  3. Oh man, I'm the complete opposite. I hate gimmick matches for the sake of gimmick matches, or because it's that month. Not counting things like Royal Rumble, MITB, or Elimination Chamber where it's a bunch of guys thrown in for a title shot or belt, but the ones that should be part of a story. WCW doing it with War Games because "it's September" instead of "we've slowly laid out this interconnected set of feuds for months and this match has a ton of story' Then WWE starting doing Hell in a Cell because it's October, a TLC because it's December, random gimmick matches because it's April*, etc.... I can't stand it. Give me a story that NEEDS a Cell match, goddammit *They've actually moved Extreme Rules all over the place between April and July over the years, but I digress.
  4. Garza/Wylde was the first time I've seen either guy. Thought it was a great showcase for both though Garza was the one leaving me wanting so much more of him. I only question why the hell he looks so much like Hector. Street Profits/Forgotten Sons was more an angle to set up Street Profits vs. 1-2, and I have no issues with that. Io/Shayna was damn good, definitely one of the better matches in Shayna's reign. Kind of loved that she won by sheer dumb luck. Io snapping and turning on Candice was great. I loved how Io at first realized she went too far only to say fuck it and go all in on trying to murder Candice. I really wish Io was champ, but I'm going to enjoy heel Io. This. I'm still saddened Stardom didn't go the heel route when Io turned on Mayu and formed QQ. Io was wonderfully arrogant when she formed Heisei-gun with Yoshiko after 2014's GP final.
  5. Let me just say this to everyone that has posted in this particular conversation: This world is a much cooler place with y'all in it than it would be without you, always remember that you touch the lives of dozens maybe hundreds or even thousands of people in a positive way. Yeah, y'all are like superheroes whether you know it or not.
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  7. Saw it tonight in a theatre that only had 2 other people. I love the reaction to the meta bit at the end of the film. Found the whole thing enjoyable. Amazing cast.
  8. People are missing this: last time I checked WWE Network isn't geoblocked in Florida and South Georgia. Running the show on the network is giving fans in that area an option instead of going to the AEW show.
  9. Both. If didn't have the racial element to it, I'd probably call it an all-time classic.
  10. Agreed but that's still way more inspiring and positive than hearing anything about Ian Rotten
  11. Fyter Fest is a sponsored show. Fight for the Fallen is charity.
  12. It got a little hard for me when Kayla was being interviewed and telling her story.
  13. Yeah, watching The Wrestlers up in Native reserves in Canada with little kids swarming the ring in joy is too happy to get sucked into that right now.
  14. The event in question is July 13th.
  15. Yup, two Rowans. Sami has red hair, so he can say he and Rowan are cousins, as Sami's mom's maiden name is Rowan. I mean, I said that it's the faction "I" want. That's my fantasy booking. Covering up fuckups with bullshit like that has become an art form for me at my job. My boss knows full well when I'm weaving a web of bullshit on the fly, a rarity at this point but a common occurrence a few years ago, and he always pretends to buy it, cause I cover all the bases. Hey Eddie, things are gonna be ok, man. Take care of yourself and just laugh.
  16. How long have they had to sell out? An announcement three days before the event should have very little impact on ticket sales. With the money they are paying their workers and front office, how do they expect to make any proceeds off this?
  17. I wasn't told that Jake fucking Roberts was going to be an analyst for upcoming AEW events. Tony Schiavone was great too.
  18. Does B/R Live use advertising? Has the show sold out? Their video said all proceeds from the show go to charity.
  19. Hold up. People didn't fuck with Starfox Adventures? It wasn't a great game but it was a fun game, a nice exclusive. Gamecube did have a lot of cool shit too.
  20. Which promo thread does THIS belong in lol https://youtu.be/p8Vg5NL_eoQ
  21. Which Crockett Cup version do you have that’s 4 hours? If it’s the 1 with NBC footage added in I have that too.
  22. Oh I'm totally on board for this (wish it weren't dropping the week before MUA3), I just find the sheer balls of "yeah we're making an Actraiser" hilarious.
  23. I'm thinking long term about making me a fan and keeping me. I realized when I read his obituary, that I watched Lou Albano's entire run as a manager. The best part of TV back then was the 5 minutes of interviews in the middle of the show and Lou was hilarious. He would be the constant every week for years. His guys changed every few months. His stuff with the Valiants and Muraco was great. Also I realized that WWF has been ruined since Lou turned into a babyface manager for the most part. I will put two together because the timeline and stories are so similar. I found Japanese video rental stores in NJ around 1990. I saw Manami Toyota and Kenta Kobashi go from great youngsters to stars to retiring 20 + years later and was a huge fan of both all of the way. I've gone to Japan many times and seen hundreds of shows. I'll never forget being a ringside photographer when Toyota became 50th WWWA champion. I made a special trip to see Kobashi/Akiyama at Tokyo Dome. They are all gone now. Someone who might keep me watching it for a long time like that is Takumi Iroha. My historical 4 would be Frank Gotch, El Santo, Rikidozan, and Hogan.
  24. For what reason? BR Live is giving the show away for free. Evolve being on the network takes away no money from BR Live, or the charity.
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