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  2. "marketing pig vaginas to children" - Really? Your outrage is a bit of a stretch here, pal. I see a seam on a plush toy of a (male) character. You see Mr. McMahon doing his growl voice in a boardroom somewhere - NO NO NO HUSKUS NEEDS A HUGE GASH! I WANT CLEAR FEMALE GENITALIA HERE PEOPLE, WE NEED TO MARKET PIG VAGINAS TO CHILDREN, GOD DAMMIT BECAUSE WE ARE ARBITRARILY EEEEVIILLL AND WE WILL GET AWAY WITH IT TOO, MUAAAHAHAAHAHAAAA!!!
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  4. Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, the biggest fight in MMA according to one Lupe Contreras. I totally forgot THIS was happening this week. Also, can the remaining living members of Pantera sue to get their song taken out of this piece of shit fight? I thought RVD was about come out.
  5. I don't think there is a perfect time to find out you're losing your job.
  6. This is so blatantly untrue that people all the time on here say it sucked or was a disaster. It's bullshit and you're using hyperbole to strengthen your claims. At the time the movie came out you had some people talk about why they didn't like it with one person calling it garbage. But you know what? Who cares! You act like someone just talked shit about your girlfriend or boyfriend where you take it as an insult and an opportunity to do everything in your power to try to defend your movie's honor. You could instead just leave well enough alone instead of always talking about how much money the movie made or how much critical acclaim it has received or whatever. This movie, Todd Phillips, WB or Joaquin Phoenix don't care about you. Many comments in this thread have purely been about how much money the movie has made, pasting in tweets of celebrities who loved it, meme images, and more reports about how much money the movie has made as if that means anything. That's how I know people haven't been constantly shitting on the movie on here. That's also why you don't need to keep pointing out how much money it's made because we've seen it many times over. We all know it's incredibly successful, but what does being a cheerleader for it actually do? If someone thought it sucked, let them think it sucked. What harm is there in people thinking back in October that it was over there top or insensitive or whatever? Those people have all largely moved on. This is like the Sasha Banks stuff and it's really weird for how much you come to a movie's defense or Sasha's defense (it's the one other example I could think of). What someone else has to say about either of those things has zero impact on you feel about those things. You're still going to love them and that's fine. I like a lot of what you have to say about wrestling and movies and sports and other stuff. I don't really know you, but I'm comfortable in thinking you're a good person. Just, you don't always have to do this. I used to be really passionate about shit like this too and I look back at that and wonder why. Me today couldn't give a shit about what anyone says about Kevin Smith's movies. Me 15 to 20 years ago would go and die on a hill defending them, which is stupid. It's probably because I didn't have much else going on. Anyway, I appreciate your passion for this stuff, you just don't always have to die on a hill for it. Leave well enough alone. It's ok dude and you can still be comfortable with your opinion about the movie and be happy with how successful it was.
  7. Shevchenko vs. Carmouche 2 sucked. Its a results business and you need to entertain. It's the manner of Liz Carmouche's dismissal that's wrong, finding out while doing promotional work as a army veteran plus the time of year. Renan Barao's drop in form is one of the biggest in MMA from where he once was.
  8. Corbin was perfect in NXT going toe-to-toe with the new "Indy darling" and telling them to get in line or go back to ROH. He needed another 18-24 months of working down there before coming up as the Nash to Miz/Ziggler's midcard HBK. It doesn't help that the roster is so bloated with talent that guys like Drew Mc are floating around aimlessly or Ciampa refuses to work Raw/SD. I've said for a few years now that if I was an "Indy" guy then I would sign for a couple of years of NXT only, pump up my own brand, & then head back into the world with and extra 50% on my booking fee. That or take up a trainer role at the PC because unless Vince & Hunter sit down with a month by month breakdown of the story they have for me leading up to a big Mania match (with eclverything in sitting and under my own creative control) then I'm just not interested.
  9. Nah. I hate first-person shooters, and can't stand the way I'd wander around for 3 hours trying to find the exit of the mission in BL:2. Then I'd fall off the map and lose 200 million credits. When everyone said "Borderlands 3 is a lot like Borderlands 2," I decided to take a pass on it.
  10. The two bantamweight fights on the main card should be fun. Might be a small mini tournament because Font is pissed that Stamann didn't want to fight after an injury forced Stamann out of a fight between the two that was suppose to go down on the Moicano vs. TKZ card back in June. Stamann already derailed the career of one prospect in Tom Duquesnoy...can he do that with Song Yadong?
  11. After how she fought in the title fight, I'm surprised they didn't give her the walking papers as she left the cage. One way or another, this wasn't going to end up with Carmouche continuing her career in the UFC. I mean Demian Maia probably is only still in the UFC after his performance in the title fight with Woodley because he's Demian goddamn Maia. If Francis Ngannou didn't possess power of unearthly origin, he might have been gone after the Derrick Lewis fight. If you shit the bed in a title fight or a marquee fight and you're not that entertaining to watch in the first place, you're on borrowed time. I see Gerald Harris just officially retired (again) this past week or so...remember how fast Gerald Harris got cut after the Maiquel Falcao fight? That was only four or five months after he piledrove poor David Branch through the mat. Shit, only a month and half later, Antonio McKee was one and done in the UFC because the Jacob Volkmann fight was so awful and that was BEFORE every fight was televised in some capacity so only the few scant people who show up early for fights in Vegas got to witness that stinker. Granted with Antonio (Sr.), he didn't have the best relationship with the UFC prior to him signing anyway. BTW, Renan Barao is gone too.
  12. In addition, Joker which is still a WB/DC movie ended being fresh on RT, has some bad reviews yes but a lot of rave reviews, won the Golden Lion, is predicted to be nominated for several Golden Globes and some Oscars and broke the record for highest grossing r-rated movie every (over $1,000,000,000) thus far.... ..and people on here all the time say it sucks or sucked and was a "disaster" and not just once but several times over.. it sounds like stating it as fact to me but if I am to take that as just this person's opinion then I should have been given the same leeway when discussing something like Age of Ultron instead of being attacked over what was just my opinion.
  13. And heavy rumors that FSU is going to land Mike Norvell from Memphis.
  14. Here's what I'll say... and I've been around here a long time I remember exactly how these conversations played out. I'm no MCU hater, quite the contrary.. I own several of the MCU movies and I usually see all of them or most of them in the theater. I love some of MCU movies. But I do judge a few of them harshly like an Age of Ultron or a Thor Dark World or Iron Man 3.. usually phase 2 movies as I've liked pretty much all of the phase 3 movies to varying degrees. I was told on here by some people probably @Brian Fowler and I like Brian a lot we just disagree on movies sometimes.. it could very well be @Matt D as well but I was told that I was stating my views as if they were fact and not only that but my views were WRONG.. because all of those movies were fresh on RT and most audiences seemed to like them. This was around the time of Man of Steel and one of my points was 1. I felt critics were too harsh on Man of Steel and 2. I loved it, audiences for the most part seemed to like it as it had good scores on RT and even though it wasn't fresh it was still 56% which mean that more critics liked it than not.. Well, fast-forward to Wonder Woman and Shazam and Aquaman etc. and all of those movies that I like (I didn't like Suicide Squad and I thought JL was trash so this idea that I'm in the tank for DC movies isn't true) and all of these movies have good reviews, some great reviews, some glowing reviews and audiences dug them.. cool. They were successful at the box office, all of that. How is that a few years back I am stating things as fact supposedly but nowadays.. "hey, we all know it's just an opinion"
  15. Some won't like the dog food bit. I can understand why. But it works in its old-school simplicity. Corbin knows he has almost no chance of beating Roman in an even match. He's already lost one minion in Roode due to Roman beating him senseless. So he has several goons swoop in to handcuff Reigns, then do the one thing he's been trying for while Roman is helpless--embarrass The Big Dog by using his nickname against him. It's a natural progression of how Corbin operates now. And to be fair, Corbin and Ziggler were good at having most of the dog food hit the floor. I don't think Roman that much in his face and hair. Still, it has to stink to High Heaven. If this ends with Roman putting a leash on Corbin after winning at TLC, then it comes full circle. Imagine seeing a guy get hit with wet Alpo, and that's not the most humiliating thing on the show. Drake Maverick getting bent over Elias' knee and spanked was something else. WWE is in full-on fetish mode these days.
  16. Legit the worst match of the night. People don't want to admit it because it marks the end of an era but Navarro is done. Panther is done. Super Astro has it in him to do the one spot we remember of him per match but is otherwise done. Casas is the last one standing in terms of an old legend that can still work at an acceptable level. And even he is not even close to what he was pre-injured by Sam 450 & the health problems that followed.
  17. I stopped watching after the trios with Casas, panther and virus.
  18. Good point although in my defense after Thanos nuked the area it was just kind of a giant flattened dirt mound. OG Superman had the benefit of not having to deal with Zod and co till his second movie where he did a lot to mature up until that point. I’m not saying he’s completely innocent or that it doesn’t go against his character I just didn’t find it as blatantIy offensive as Batman just clipping bad guys left and right in BvS. If I had a problem with anything in MoS it was Russell Crowe showing back up. You had Costner doing an amazing job up until that point all flushed down the toilet just so we could try to make his death even more tragic but actually taking away from it.
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