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  2. DMV saga 1 of three now complete. I've turned in my old MD plates. Now I have to haunt Virginia DMV for the registration and title for my current vehicle and then the 600 pound bench press will be re-registering my new car in MD before they start monkeying around with the status of my driver's license. Virginia residency won't come soon enough. My old boo and I are supposed to start looking for a realtor at the end of the year. Her daughter still needs some time to get back on her feet and I am a guy that likes to keep my word. She has until next March to get her shit together. I'm not making her move in the dead of Winter with a three year old daughter to worry about. She can take care of it in the Spring when normal people do.
  3. It's disgraceful how much promos have completely just devolved over time to where we are now. I don't just mean WWE either, across the board no one has this type of conviction or intensity
  4. "Can I copy your homework?" "Sure, just change it up a bit so it doesn't look too obvious."
  5. IIRC, I saw two merch tables, one of which was pretty much right in front of the building after you walked through the metal detectors. They had what you would expect them to.
  6. I am just happy I got the nod to review the movie. I still had it on my DVR from last Halloween from when it was broadcast uncut on TCM and I cannot remember what came up that caused me to forget to watch it. It is a terrific and underloved classic that was way ahead of its time. I see that I submitted yet another review without benefit of one final run of spell check again. I am old and dumb.
  7. Since you brought up Jungle Boy’s weight, I looked it up, and he’s actually smaller than Spike Dudley too, so if nothing else, Marko helps him look bigger.
  8. I mean, their third is a lucha dinosaur for fucks sake. They wrestled a match against a team where one of the guys is a ghost ninja who stops every match to slowly take off his glove and more than half the time his opponents let him. This is like all the bitching about CM Punk taking on Brock and how that wouldn't be believable. Or Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles vs Brock. Or Jeff Hardy way back when taking on Undertaker. Or Rey Jr. winning the World title. Not to mention that Jungle Boy is probably a buck fifty soaking wet. I get that there's suspension of disbelief, but it's wrestling and suspension of disbelief can be nearly infinite based on the efforts of the individuals involved. I think I was the first person in the AEW threads to say I didn't want them to sign Marko and then I groaned when they signed Marko, but when you lay out the match like they did on Wednesday then I can't bitch at all. They deserve all the props in the world At the same time, I wouldn't be shocked if some of these people complaining are the same ones trying to get JR fired for saying "Jungle Boy Jack Perry." People are fucking dumb.
  9. The amount of times I am almost killed Nate because I thought he had picked Night of the Demon again
  10. On the one hand, you’re absolutely right. On the other, he’s a half foot shorter than Spike Dudley. I personally don’t have a problem with him, and I’m happy for the dude, but everyone has their own line where they can no longer suspend their disbelief.
  11. CURSE OF THE DEMON (Tourneur, 1957) IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (100/85) SELECTED BY: @nate "Dana Andrews said prunes gave him the runes." I dig everything about this film. The demon's face was a fixture of my childhood, as it took up a full page spread of a long-forgotten article the Famous Monsters of Filmland Fearbook 1983 (I think it was a story about some film festival). This was several years away from the first VCR to grace the Nate household, so there was little chance I had of seeing this by some work of serendipity, but I was always intrigued by that grim visage - the piggish nose, the horns, the dead stare, and that ghoulish, gaping maw. There was no sense of perspective, so I was never certain if this was a humanoid boogeyman a la Boris' Frankenstein Monster, or if this was some proto-kaiju towering over the mere populace. Years later, on a double feature release (with the Americanized cut, Curse of the Demon), I would have a chance to see this film, to find out if it lived up to this image that had haunted me for so many years. The film - a tale about a psychologist's quest to debunk the mad claims of a cult leader about the paranormal - is almost a police procedural, where Dr. Holden (Andrews) investigates both the murder of a colleague and the involvement of the aforementioned cult leader, the genteel Julian Karswell. There's not much more I want to say about the film, except for the acting of Niall MacGinnis in the role of Karswell, as urbane and contrite a villain as you'll find this side of Lecter, but with that same sense of vanity and grandiosity. A great film. REVIEWED BY: @J.T. Curse of the Demon / Night of the Demon (1957) I have to say that I was pretty excited when I found out that my pick was the 1957 supernatural thriller, Night of the Demon. It is one of those movies that you rarely hear mentioned in the same breath as the Universal classics of the early 30's or other influential films like Eyes Without A Face / Les Yeux Sans Visage (1960) and Curse of the Demon is without a doubt one of the most important films of the genre ever conceived. The move tells the story of American professor John Holden (Dana Andrews). Our intrepid man of science arrives in London for a conference on parapsychology and the occult only to discover that the colleague he was supposed to meet was killed in a freak accident the day before he arrived in England IHolden eventually discovers that out that his late friend had been investigating a cult lead by Dr. Julian Karswell (Niall MacGinnis). Though a skeptic, Holden is suspicious of the devil-worshiping Karswell. Following a trail of mysterious manuscripts, Holden enters a world that makes him question his up until now unwavering belief in natural order and rational thought. The most striking feature about this particular film is how different it is in tone from it's counterparts. When you think of classic 50's horror films or classic horror in general, it's usually the case that the "monster" is a real and credible threat. The audience has no choice but to believe in the unnatural existence of Dracula, the Wolf Man, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon because the entities are there on screen and the protagonist have to deal with them or die in the attempt. And the key word is "unnatural." The shark from Jaws or the killer gators from Crawlaer definitely treated as if they were "monsters" and it shows signs of very unnatural behavior, but they are still creatures found in the wild in real life. Conversely, there is no evidence to support the existence of vampires or werewolves, but there is no denying the effect they have on the plot in the respective films where they are the antagonists. Despite the now iconic marketing for this movie which puts the titular Demon right in your face, the question of whether or not the supernatural beast actually exits is debatable and that is what separates this movie from the rest of the pack. This movie is intelligent and give the audience the benefit of the doubt of being intelligent as well. The fact that this movie even exists at all is even more remarkable. Columbia Pictures had a really horrible track record when it came to scary movies, but they wanted to cash in on the late 50's horror boom. Producer Hal E. Chester was definitely an odd choice since his specialty was crime films, but he and Columbia made some inspired decisions that yielded gold. For starters, they hired writer Charles Bennett to pen the script and this is the man who was the true soul behind several of Alfred Hitchcock's most iconic movies. Secondly, they hired Jacques Tourneur to direct. Tourneur's sense of style breathed life into a slew of great Westerns, but don't forget that he also helmed Cat People and I Walked With A Zombie so the guy had some serious fright movie pedigree. Put this all together with a great script and a talented cameraman and you've just set yourself up for success, right? Most horror films tend to work on one level or another, but Curse works on several fronts and manages to balance them all very well. Holden's steadfast belief in science is blinding but not to annoying degree, and it takes the timely intervention of Kindergarten teacher Joanna Harrington (Peggy Cummins late of Gun Crazy) to show him that being a skeptic doesn't mean ignoring facts... even if the facts involve the preternatural. Overall the cast is great, but I have to give extra shout outs to Niall MacGinnis as Julian Karswell. Karswell's character is obviously based on the real life demonologist, Alastair Crowley, and MacGinnis plays the role with a cultured and sophisticated sliumyness that is a wonder to behold. Karswell doesn't really have a sinister master plan or anything. He's merely using his diabolical talent to knock off the people whom he finds threatening and the casual manner in which he sends demons to do his dirty work is so wonderfully repugnant. If there is a wellspring from which you could point out as the place where Satanic themed horror movies originally carved their niche, this is the movie that probably did it. From here came The Exorcist, The Omen saga, Rosemary's Baby The Sentinel, and other films both classic and guilty favorite. If you're making a horror film and it needs a convincing villain, who is more convincing than Satan?
  12. One of those castings in the spoiler tags pointed to Aaron Taylor Johnson playing a character when he's already Pietro and Vin Diesel has wanted to be Black Bolt for years now. Some of the spoiler tagged stuff looks plausible and others don't make any sense.
  13. I'm also happy to see that they kept the meta from the comics of Shang-Chi having a sister and a brother and using it as the new lore for The Mandarin's origin. I know that they couldn't use Fah Lo Suee as a character since she is legit attached to the Fu Manchu IP and I am also happy they're not introducing "Shaka Karn" as Chi's brother / ancestor even though he is a legit Marvel IP since his name is giggle inducing because: I think I can live with Cursed Lotus and Moving Shadow. I hope they still incorporate the look of Karn's armor with Moving Shadow, though.
  14. Today
  15. Same old from Starr to be honest. Only so many times you hear the same DSA talking points before they become gimmicky and empty, especially coming from a middle class schmuck like him.
  16. If we never get PCO vs Ishii, I'mma be pissed. Janela said on Twitter a while back that he was going to try to book it for Spring Break this year until PCO signed with ROH. It needs to happen.
  17. David Starr cutting a promo on Jordan Devlin for OTT. Yes, it's awesome.
  18. He will grow on you, He's a good, smart worker and he's very serious about not hurting the guys he's in the ring with since he's well aware that the nature of his gimmick makes people expect him to be super violent. I will just chalk his powder puff offense to big stage nerves for now. I have faith he'll get better as he gets used to the spotlight.
  19. I am digging how Court isn't turning anyone face unnecessarily and is booking this more as a battle between evils. I am a bit bummed that Holliday and MJF have the night off. You probably could've planted the seeds for the inevitable Dynasty vs. VE tag-title match on this card. I totally expect a run-in during the Hammerstone vs. DBS match after a screwjob title retention, but I also expect Hart Foundation to come out for the save rather than the Von Erichs.
  20. Yeah, Sutter kinda sorta walked away from running the show, but remained as a producer or EP. He would still make somewhat frequent visits to the set and from the sounds of it 2 or 3 weeks ago it was like Vince McMahon showing up, thinking everything was shit, wanting to tear up scripts, and all of that. Sutter still has his contract with FX though, so expect another show from him in the near future where he either shoehorns in Katie Segal or music from Katie Segal or both.
  21. I like playing the slot machines at Moxxi's since you can get Gold upgrades at your level when you hit jackpots, so I pretty much kill everything I can and grab all the loot I can so I will always have plenty of cash on hand since the cost of playing slots goes up exponentially as you level up.
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