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  2. https://instagram.com/p/Bx8X3wbA9nW7HqfUWXU13GLt8Na2-RI0DFeeTo0/
  3. So satisfying. Fuck off, John Terry.
  4. It's probably not a talent exchange and just Moxley having two separate deals like it's already been established that Jericho has.
  5. He's off the rest of the tournament as well, so Scurll and Kanemaru pick up forfeit wins. Shame with the latter as I was looking forward to the inter-faction battle...
  6. 1) Not Tony Khan 2) Zero dollars They look wonderful but they're less expensive than anyone that doesn't have a background in production thinks. Moxley is probably doing them himself (as in paying for them). He knows the right people with the right equipment. If AEW was doing them they wouldn't look this good (camera and lighting wise) and you'd see little production hiccups. And they wouldn't be doing one for New Japan anyway.
  7. That’s either a Snapchat filter, or Big E’s slimmed down a lot.
  8. My sons got Jump Force and their gaming sessions generally consist of me asking them where half these dudes are from. I mean I recognize the DBZ dudes and some guys from Fist of the North Star and Yu Yu Hakusho, but my anime exposure is clearly out of date.
  9. Another incredible Moxley video on his twitter account. MOX will be in Japan on June 5th. Who in the hell is making these videos? How much money is Khan spending on these videos? Holy crap!
  10. I know it's not a popular opinion, but I actually liked Escape from LA.
  11. Somehow, the twins have best record right now.
  12. Today
  13. I can’t help but resurrect the old “why doesn’t WWE just let people cut promos” talking point. Moxley can do that, he could always do that, and WWE signed the dude largely because he COULD do that. So why didn’t they just tell the guy to cut a promo and get out of the way? Just crazy.
  14. More interested in whether this is the beginning of the end for Ring of Honor and New Japan. Moxley working New Japan makes me think that maybe that hope he is working GCW shows is becoming slim to none. Although he is working a NEW show against Pentagon so hopefully I am wrong
  15. The length of the title reigns is kind of weird because of how crazy they changed the title in the dying days of the belt. In the first 6 months of the title a month long run wasn't that strange. It looks like Road Dogg had it for 2 months one time. Then near the end you would be lucky if you kept the title for 2 minutes. I mean that Wrestlemania 2000 had at least a dozen title changes in one match In terms of the 24/7 rule yeah R-Truth is probably a week away from the longest run with the title
  16. I need to see Kylie Rae versus Yuka Sakazaki - pump that shit directly into my veins.
  17. You know what? I’m not getting all the hullabaloo about this anymore. The hammer to me appears to be a reference to the 1980’s Apple commercial. The throne with the big iron cross? Come on guys, unless you want to get defensive about WWII memorabilia, and Vikings is clearly supposed to be Hitler’s recliner. We shouldn’t be bothered by Cody taking aim at Hitler.
  18. Diversity is not an issue with me. Nor is someone’s personal opinion on a political issue. My family would spend quite a bit at Dick’s sporting goods as I play multiple sports still in adult leagues and my 3 children play multiple sports year. It’s the only big sporting goods physical store in town. When they announced they would stop selling certain firearms and high capacity magazines (normal capacity in the real world) I was fine with it too as I never got anything from there gun related. And selling whatever you want to sell is their choice. But when they as a company ,which we spent a good amount of money on to support, went out of their way to not only call for but hire lobbyists to promote gun control measures and actively campaign to take my rights away well, nah son. Not one more dime. Haven’t stepped foot in their stores since then and never will.
  19. I watched this yesterday and let it percolate for a while. Firstly, I'll get the negatives out they way. For a company looking to cause a 'pardigm shift', the arena set up looked a lot like a WWE event, the ring colour, barricades had that WWE feel. Then Brandi interjects in the womens match in a style which reminded me WAY to much of Stephanie. Finally, the kept cutting to the crowd reaction shot, every, single, time. I dont know about anyone else but 2 of things I dislike the most about WWE are Stephanie's on screen persona and the forced crowd reaction shots. The positiives were EVERYTHING else. A ton of new characters on a mainstream show, great matches, great storytelling, JR actually sounding like he was enjoying himself, especially during the Bucks / Lucha Brothers match. The Joshi match was incredible, I thought Kylie Rae was an absolute star in the womens 4-way. The Battle Royale was a lot of fun, I really hope they keep Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus as a pair following last weeks BTE and their interactions in the Battle Royale. I've never seen much of Luchasaurus but the guy has a fantastic look and his kicks looked incredible. Michael Nakazawa could be their Norman Smilley, loved his stuff with the Baby Oil. MJF is the best heel in wrestling. It seems the bigger the stage he is on the better he gets, I mean he was already great in CZW years ago but has improved leaps and bounds as he has made his way through the Indies, MLW and now AEW. He's incredible. Loved this show and cant wait for the next one, I am also (for once) excited to see Raw tonight to see what their response, if any, is. Because if they stick to their guns and put out the same old stuff then the live audience could be brutal with them.
  20. I was just thinking. These videos by New Japan, and the Jon Moxley Viper Room video popped up right around the same time. Both production crews must have been working closely with one another. They aren’t exactly the same, but they definitely have very similar visuals.
  21. Someone should have just cast Marsters and Marsden in the same movie and that would have resolved everything. Like how Michael Keaton never worked with Michael Ontkean.
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