The title of this theme could be referring to this piece or the meta of how long it takes me to actually finish any projects but life… ya know…

Anyway – I go through this list (and the DVDVR #100) way more than any sane person should. Or really any insane person either. I care about things that no one else does or notices. Why I make things harder on myself is a damn fine question and if my brain ever comes up with a good reason, I will be sure to share it. It has been during these many reviews that I realized that at no point had a Misawa/Kobashi match been picked. I think I just always assumed one was picked in the original 100. (Only recently when putting up DVDVR back issues on the site did I remember Dean’s absolute hatred of Kenta Kobashi.)

There are many more of those “well this seems kinda obvious” picks. Enough that I could get a whole theme out of it so here we go. Break time is over.

751) RIC FLAIR vs. KERRY VON ERICH – WCCW “CHRISTMAS STAR WARS” (12/25/82 – NWA World Heavyweight Championship, No DQ Cage Match, Special Ref: Michael Hayes)


752) RIC FLAIR vs. BARRY WINDHAM – CWF “BATTLE OF THE BELTS II” (02/14/86 – NWA World Heavyweight Title)

Two renown (for different reasons) Ric Flair matches. The one vs. Kerry Von Erich is possibly the biggest mile marker in the Von Erichs/Freebirds feud. You couldn’t go more than like two Apter magazine issues without it being referenced. The match vs. Barry Windham was one of those early days of tape trading matches where EVERY comp tape put the match on.


753) ATLANTIS vs. BLUE PANTHER – CMLL (08/09/91 – NWA World Middleweight Championship)

So yeah… this piece lead to that tweet. Watch all the Atlantis vs. Blue Panther you can. Then watch the remaining Blue Panther matches. Then watch all the Atlantis too when you have the time.


754) KENTA KOBASHI vs. MITSUHARU MISAWA – ALL JAPAN (01/20/97  – Triple Crown)

As mentioned above – the whole impetus for this theme. I know better than to try and declare this as their best match (but it is pretty fucking great).



Dean really liked this match in DVDVR #129. Ask him about it now – I assume he has no memories of watching it.


756) SHAWN MICHAELS vs. TRIPLE H – WWF “SUMMERSLAM ’02” (08/25/02 – Unsanctioned Street Fight)


I begrudgingly added this match mainly because this is one of those matches were everyone else fucking loves it and I am like “Yeah… no” (this is mainly because my patience for both Michaels and HHH is very limited). Good for the historical perspective though as everyone wanted Daniel Bryan’s return to be booked exactly like Shawn’s (totally ignore how times have changed in the 15 years)


757) AJ STYLES vs. CHRISTOPHER DANIELS – TNA “AGAINST ALL ODDS ’05” (02/13/05 – 30 Minute Iron Man, X-Division Title)

The Triple Threat match w/ Joe (which I included in the TNA section in what seems like another lifetime ago) is frequently the one cited as putting TNA on the map. The Iron Man match probably should be considered as important if not more so (just swap out the inherent match layout problems of a 3-way with the inherent match layout problems of an Iron Man.)


758) BRYAN DANIELSON vs. NIGEL MCGUINNESS – ROH “UNIFIED ’06” (08/12/06 – ROH World Championship, ROH Pure Championship Unification Match)

759) BRYAN DANIELSON vs. KENTA – ROH “GLORY BY HONOR V (NIGHT 2)” (09/16/06 – ROH World Championship)

Two different title defenses by Danielson within the span of a month. The match against Nigel McGuinness is the title unification match (merging the ROH World Title and ROH Pure Championship) held in Liverpool so… yeah… the crowd was hot. The match against KENTA was called, if I am remembering correctly, by Gabe one of his favorite ROH matches ever. (I am sure that list has changed and grown but you get the point.)


760) L.A. PARK vs. LA PARKA (AAA) – AAA TRIPLEMANIA XVIII (06/06/10 – Winner gets the rights to the La Parka name)

Usual reminder that L.A. Park is the La Parka you know and love. La Parka (AAA) – as we always refer to him – is a punk ass Dorian Roldan bitch. This match has Perros del Mal “invading” and whatever the Mexican version of a Dusty Finish would be. Good times.



Maybe the most forgotten Match of the Decade candidate.


762) KOTA IBUSHI vs. CEDRIC ALEXANDER – WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC (07/14/16 (Taped), 08/10/16 (Aired) – 2nd Round)


763) KOTA IBUSHI vs. BRIAN KENDRICK – WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC (08/26/16 (Taped), 08/31/16 (Aired)) – Quarterfinals)

The matches that, in a simplistic sense, got Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick signed. Kota Ibushi will forever be a “one that got away” for the WWE.


764) ULTIMO GUERRERO vs. ATLANTIS – CMLL 81st ANNIVERSARY SHOW (09/19/14 – Mask vs Mask)

A match so important that it actually got Meltzer to talk about Lucha and not what Konnan told him to talk about. If you want insane atmosphere and emotion in your wrestling then this match is for you.


765) KAZUCHIKA OKADA vs. KENNY OMEGA – NEW JAPAN “WRESTLE KINGDOM 11 (01/04/17 – IWGP Heavyweight Title)

The notorious 6 star match.